The weather and temperatures in Paris are essential for the organization of a trip. This article is intended for readers who are not used to the different seasons of the year. Follow our advice to better organize and enjoy your trip!

Weather and temperatures in Paris

Weather in Paris: all about the climate in the City of Lights

How is the weather in Paris? How are the temperatures in each season? What is the best time of the year to
visit the city? Is it too cold in winter? Does it snow? Is it too rainy? How to dress in the different seasons? These are questions we receive daily on our blog.

How is the weather in Paris?

Paris has mild weather, with the four seasons well marked.

Weather and temperatures in Paris

December 21, the shortest day of the year

Seasons in Paris

Since the weather in Paris is quite mild, you can basically plan your trip at any moment of the year. With few exceptions, which last a few days, the minimum temperatures in Paris are not extremely low (compared to other European capitals) and the maximum temperatures are not extremely high.

Average temperatures in Paris:

  • minimum temperatures range from 4°C in winter to 18°C in summer
  • maximum temperatures range from 7°C in winter to 26°C in summer
Weather and temperatures in Paris

Paris in summer

As every rule has its exception, sometimes Paris experiences periods with temperatures above normal in summer. Don’t worry, they are only lasting a few days – just follow our advice below.

Check the weather forecast for Paris on the Météo Paris website.

Weather in Paris: summer

To give you an idea of the weather in August (the hottest month of the year), look at the temperature registered in August 2019 and notice how they were, most of the time, pleasant:

  • at 7 am, temperatures between 20 and 21 degrees
  • at 1 pm, temperatures between 25 and 28 degrees
  • at 7 pm, temperatures between 26 and 29 degrees

From the end of June to the end of August the summer temperatures in Paris are stable and with minor variations.

(Source: Historique Météo)

Weather and temperatures in Paris in autumn

Autumn in Paris

Weather in Paris: autumn

Let’s take as example the average temperatures in October 2019:

  • at 7 am, temperatures between 12 and 14 degrees
  • at 1 pm, temperatures between 13 and 16 degrees
  • at 7 pm, temperatures between 14 and 16 degrees

(Source: Historique Météo)

Weather in Paris, Christmas in Champs Élysées

Winter in Paris. Christmas decorations in Avenue Champs Élysées

Weather in Paris: winter

We wrote this article during winter 2020, considered as one of the mildest in the history of meteorology. But here we will show the temperatures of January 2019, which were in line with the season average.

  • at 7 am, temperatures between 2 and 5 degrees
  • at 1 pm, temperatures between 3 and 6 degrees
  • at 7 pm, temperatures between 3 and 6 degrees.

(Source: Historique Météo)

Weather and temperatures in Paris

Spring in Paris

Weather in Paris: spring

May is considered the best month to visit Paris. Here are the temperatures of May 2019:

  • at 7 am, temperatures between 10 and 15 degrees
  • at 1 pm, temperatures between 15 and 21 degrees
  • at 7 pm, temperatures between 15 and 21 degrees

Early in the morning (or sometimes in the shadow), it can be a bit chilly.

(Source: Historique Météo)

What is the best time of the year to visit Paris?

Again, Paris can be visited all year round. But if you are free to choose the date of your trip, the best time is spring, in particular the month of May. In May not only you can enjoy pleasant temperatures, but the city is still not as crowded with tourists.

If you like the warmth and want to enjoy long days with sunsets at almost 10 pm, visit Paris in summer. Remember that in July and August, there may be heatwaves – the phenomenon known as canicule – and temperatures can reach 40 degrees for a few days. Moreover, the city is quite full of tourists.

If you want to experience autumn with its wonderful colors, visit Paris in October. This is the second best time to visit the City of Lights.

And if you like the cold and want to admire the Christmas decorations, visit Paris in winter, especially in December, when the city is festive, amazingly adorned and with many entertainment activities.

Summer in Paris

The main feature of summer in Paris is the length of the days. On June 21, the longest day of the year, the sun sets around 10 pm. Imagine the pleasure of enjoying the light even at 9 pm in the evening! This brings a cheerful and festive atmosphere and the streets become crowded. The Parisians go home late and the banks of the Seine turn into a party.


  • The days are long! The sun goes down around 10 pm
  • As it is the holiday season in Europe, you can breathe a festive atmosphere everywhere


  • Paris is not prepared for heat – air conditioning is rarely used
  • Because of summer holidays, the city is even more crowded with tourists (especially in August)

What to do in Paris during the summer?

  • Sit in the shade in one of the many parks and gardens
  • Walk along the Seine banks
  • Eat raspberries, strawberries and blueberries
  • Drink rosé wine

Autumn in Paris

First of all, autumn in Paris (and throughout Europe), is synonymous with lush tree colors. Before they fall, the leaves turn from light yellow to orange, dark red and gold. A true marvel….

Secondly, autumn is mid-season, here called demi-saison. Same for spring, of course. That means the temperatures won’t reach any maximum. Fall temperatures start to decrease in September, continue in October and November, but will not reach winter values.


  • The fall foliage gives a magic atmosphere to the city
  • It’s the celebration of gastronomy and wine


  • The weather gets colder
  • Days get shorter.

What to do in Paris during the autumn?

  • Go to the opera
  • Eat seafood
  • Walk in the forests around Paris and be dazzled by the spectacle of golden leaves
  • Enjoy a wine tasting
  • Have a bike tour of the Burgundy region

Winter in Paris

Which are the main characteristics of the Paris winter?

First of all, the short days – December 21st is the shortest day of the year. But this is not bad news. In Paris, the lack of sunlight is compensated by the city’s festive lighting, the shops and the wonderful year-end decorations. The city is entirely decorated from the beginning of November until the first half of January.

Secondly, during the three winter months (December, January and February), we mainly live indoors.


  • Christmas in Paris is magic
  • In January, the city is not very crowded
  • Drink hot chocolate without feeling guilty!
  • Enjoy watching the snow


  • With the intense cold, strolling around Paris can be unpleasant (especially if you are not wearing the right clothes!)
  • The days are very short – at 5 pm it’s already dark

What to do in Paris during the winter?

Some ideas:

  • Visit many museums and exhibitions
  • Discover the galleries and covered passages of Paris.
  • Experience the famous French cuisine: fondue, raclette, hot chocolate, desserts.

Spring in Paris

Europeans like to travel during springtime for various reasons. The cool breeze can be tackled with a sweater, scarf and trench-coat. The main destinations are still empty and have not been invaded by summer vacation tourists.

During springtime, cultural programming is still excellent and offers beautiful exhibitions and shows. And the cities are in full bloom. This is the ideal time to organize picnics in one of the Parisian gardens.

In our opinion, May is by far the best month to visit Paris.


  • Joy is everywhere! At the first rays of sun, the city is seized by a collective euphoria.
  • Colored flowers are all around.


  • Unstable temperatures: on the same day, you can go from intense heat to winter cold.
  • Boring, persistent rain.

What to do in Paris during the spring?

  • Picnic
  • Take advantage of the terrace of the cafes.
  • Take a bike ride around Paris
  • Walk around the many Parisian districts
  • Visit the Monet house and gardens in Giverny
  • Take a bike tour of the Loire Valley and visit its castles.
Weather and temperatures in Paris

What is the best time to visit Paris?

FAQ about weather and temperatures in Paris

When is it snowing in Paris? Or does it snow in Paris?

The answer is: if you want to experience snow in Paris, you will be disappointed.

The number of snow days in Paris is very low. It can snow at any time from November to March, but there’s not a proper rule. And when it snows, it quickly turns to mud – definitely unpleasant while enjoying a walk.

To really be able to see snow, we advise you to extend your stay in France and spend 4 or 5 days in the Alps.

Another simpler option would be a quick trip to the forests near Paris. It snows much more on the outskirts of the city than in the center. You could stroll through the forests of Fontainebleau Castle or Versailles.

When is the weather cold in Paris/France?

The coldest months of the year in France are November, December, January and February. This is not a coincidence that this is the low season, i.e. cheaper hotel rates and a less crowded city (of course this does not apply to the Christmas and New Year Eve period).

What is the least rainy season in Paris?

Rain is another important variable in a trip organization.

In Paris, there are not flood months and dry months. In general, you can have rain all year round (some months a little more than the others).

The least rainy season in Paris is winter, especially the months of February and March. On the other hand, February can be the coldest month of the year.

It is important to stress that rains in Paris are not tropical storms. It is generally a fine and mild rainfall.

Weather and temperatures in Paris - when is it rainy?

When does it rain in Paris? Source:

Tips to enjoy your trip to Paris

  • Regardless of the season, rain is a constant in Paris: bring a trench coat (in spring or autumn), raincoat (in summer) or waterproof jacket (in winter)
  • A scarf is also always a good idea
  • About 2 days before your trip, check the weather forecast for the following 15 days on the Météo Paris website (click here). This way you can better adapt your suitcase to the temperatures.


Compared to other European capitals and cities, Paris doesn’t have extreme temperatures.

Paris can be visited all year round, in any season, and each one of them has its own charms and imperfections.